The trendy collection of contemporary design
and creamy taste premium chocolates

Cacaobaba pursues exquisite treats
for the chocoholics

Selected 5 types of herb combinations of
the 'Booster chocolate' delight
the consumers and offer an extend chocolate experience



Superb Creamy Texture

Cacaobaba has a wonderfully smooth texture, distinctive toasted taste,
,creamy chocolate flavour and a gentle herb aroma.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Cacaobaba chocolate is a craft art by superb chocolatier.
We do not make mass product but elaborate masterpieces one by one. Every piece of chocolate made by hand.

24K gold colored art
Butter Bird Cookie
Booster Chocolate
Chocolate with 24K Gold leaf
Gold booster
Energy sandwich
Black marble
Double flavor

Baba's secret recipe ?

Only secret of Baba's chocolate is that
we use superb quality of ingredients ->

Cacao mass

Delicious chocolate begins with the careful selection of cacao mass. Cacao-Trace certified chocolate sources cocoa beans directly from Ghana.

Cacao butter

You can feel a taste of pure cacao butter seductively slurping down the back of our throats and creeping over our teeth and tongues in a slinky sweet blanket of goodness.

Organic herb

Super fresh ingredients directly from the farm and we use 'FAIR TRADE' ingredients which is an agricultural product harvested from farm using a certified process which is followed by farmers, buyers, and manufacturers.

Vanilla bean

A full of vanilla aroma floating inside the mouth.
Organic Madagascar vanilla beans are considered
the world's gold standard for quality.


We support cacao-trace whici is mutually-beneficial programme that builds upon the farmers’ local knowledge and expertise and empowers them to be more productive and sustainable. By helping farmers increase the value of their cocoa, quality chocolate will be enjoyed for generations to come.